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Our Story

Optima  Aero  Specialist  in  Reusing  and  Refurbishing  Helicopter  Parts.

Founded in 2010 by Toby Gauld, Optima Aero provides refurbished and certified parts, components, and engines to helicopter operators, maintenance centres, and OEMs worldwide, while ensuring a reduced carbon footprint.

Committed to strict quality standards, Optima Aero has had its Transport Canada accreditation since 2012 for engine fuel nozzle maintenance. It sheds light on the quality and reliability of the company’s services and products. Recently, Optima Aero also received AS9120 certification, attesting to compliance with quality, reliability, and traceability requirements for refurbished parts and components.

Since 2020, Optima Aero has expanded its headquarters in Beloeil, now encompassing 25,000 square feet to dismantle and restore helicopter parts. In May 2022, the company launched its subsidiary, Optima Aero Europe, France, strengthening its global presence and fostering long-term partnerships with strategic players. In 2023, a new chapter in the company’s history begins as it expands its operations in the United States.

Sustainability is at the core of Optima Aero’s growth and development. The company strives to become the global leader in extending the economic life of aircraft. Inherent to its mission, Optima Aero is committed to reduce the carbon footprint of helicopter maintenance by increasing the availability of refurbished parts. The company facilitates eco-responsible practices within the aerospace ecosystem.

Our mission

Our  primary  mission  is  to  extend  the  economic  lifecycle  of  helicopters.

Our solutions offer operators access to a comprehensive, dependable, and scheduled parts supply to keep their aircraft flying.To achieve this, we provide cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable parts and engines to helicopter operators, maintenance and repair centres, lessors, brokers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.

At  Optima  Aero,  we  aim  to  be  leader  in  the  global  movement  to  pursue  an  inclusive,  fair  and  regenerative  economy.  Everyday,  we  are  working  on  bettering  our future.

In 2022, Optima Aero started a new initiative to calculate the reduction of carbon footprint from the reuse of serviceable helicopter parts. The team developed a rigorous methodology to quantify the carbon footprint reduction achieved by helicopter operators. It allows them to determine the positive outcome of purchasing used parts and helicopters instead of buying new ones. This certificate helps our customers measure their impact. We awarded our first Green Certificates to Airbus Helicopters and Babcock France during the European Rotors exhibition in Germany.

Optima Aero takes pride in setting an example by helping its customers define the value of this responsible sourcing approach, which supports our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy and sustainability initiatives. It shows, amongst other things, in our facilities. They include electric charging stations to encourage green transportation. The roof of the HQ’s facility has been transformed into a greenhouse where organic vegetables grow for the employees’ consumption.

But we don’t stop there. In the upcoming year, Optima Aero plans to establish a helicopter revaluation centre in Europe, encompassing dismantling, restoration, reuse, and transformation into works of art.

Furthermore, we aspire to measure the overall social and environmental impact of the company and obtain a corresponding certification. This designation will recognize our performance, responsibility, and transparency in various areas, including employee satisfaction, charitable activities, and business practices.

Team Optima Aero

Corporate  team

Optima  Aero  Canada

Nadege  Schneider

Customer service Director

Jean-Sebastien  Majeau

Director of Maintenance and Quality, Optima Aero Canada

Optima  Aero  USA  Inc

Christopher  Aaron

Business Development Director Eastern USA and Central & South Americas

Drifter  Vasser

Director Maintenance, USA

Michael  Finnegan

Business Development Director, Western USA & Canada

Jimmy  Freeman

Accountable/Quality Manager, USA

Paul  Bacon

Director, Customer Service, USA

Optima  Aero  Europe

Agathe  Dutilleul

Business Development Director, Europe, Middle-East & Africa

Celine  Marchal

Vice President of Sales, Asia

Celine  Pasqualetto

Customer Service Manager Europe

Helge  Grøsfjell

Director, Business Development, Northern Europe

Mathieu  Caumont

Logistics Manager, Europe

Philippe  Rogier

Responsable Part 145, Maintenance & Quality Europe

Advisory  Board

Yanik  Deschenes

Steve  Ghaleb

Genevieve  Nadeau

Frédéric  Loiselle

Serge  Maillé

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