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At Optima Aero, we value individuals and the diversity of backgrounds. We are looking for ambitious professionals ready to propel their careers to new horizons.

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Optima  Aero's  values


We believe that success is the result of collective collaboration, where every stakeholder must win. We are ready to face challenges by leveraging our strengths. Our recognition stems from the value we create for our clients.


We are constantly seeking new ideas to transform them into concrete applications that give our clients a competitive advantage. We adopt a creative approach in everything we undertake and continually strive to improve our practices.


We are committed to finding solutions, overcoming obstacles, and mobilizing all available resources to exceed our clients’ expectations.


We adopt a long-term vision in favor of sustainable development and a holistic approach. We prioritize sustainable solutions that preserve environmental and economic balance.


We cultivate business and personal relationships based on serenity, joy, and mutual respect. Our processes are simple, efficient, and intuitive, generating enthusiasm among all those we work with.


We willingly share our knowledge, resources, and expertise to contribute to the industry and give back to the community. We believe in the power of collaboration and mutual assistance to strengthen our ecosystem.

The  benefits  of  working  with  us

With us, innovation fuels professional growth in a modern environment, where collaboration and environmental commitment blossom into unique benefits.

Culture  of  innovation  and  creativity.

Professional  development  opportunities  and  task  variety.

Modern,  technological,  and  flexible  work  environment.

Dynamic  collaboration  within  team  fostering  creativity  and  idea  exchange.

Strong  environmental  commitment  due  to  the  mission.

Innovative  social  benefits,  access  to  sports  facilities,  and  dynamic  social  committee.

Our  employees  are  talking  about  us!

  • Working here is a true blessing! The collective spirit of success and innovation drives us forward. Facing challenges with perseverance, we surpass expectations for our clients. The company’s commitment to sustainability and generosity creates a fulfilling work environment. Proud to be a part of this incredible team!
    Nadege Schneider
    Customer service Director
  • I am grateful to work in this dynamic company. The culture focused on collaboration and innovation stimulates my creativity. Perseverance drives us to push our limits to satisfy clients. Our commitment to sustainability and friendliness creates an inspiring and harmonious environment. It’s a rewarding professional experience.
    Marc-Olivier Roy
    Helicopter purchasing Manager