Customer-Focused  Aftermarket  Services

Serving clients all over the world, Optima Aero teams up with helicopter operators to help them maintain their productivity and service offerings for various helicopters :

  • AW109, AW119 & AW139
  • Bell412
  • BK117
  • EC135 & EC130
  • H225
  • S-76

We strive to create an optimal balance by increasing our customers’ cash flow and capital efficiency. Our team reduces maintenance costs while increasing serviceable helicopter and engine parts’ availability. Optima Aero’s committed to keeping our customers’ fleets in the air.

To ensure it, we offer:

  • Quick answers to RFQs;
  • Certified and well-documented parts;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Efficiently managed AOG dispatching and worldwide shipping and delivery
  • Customer support 24/7 all year around.
  • Optima Aero has developed an online catalog of parts, engines and aircrafts available in realtime. Customers can easily search or filter inventory and request quotes in one click. Optima Aero remains attentive to the needs of its customers, and our range of parts, engines, and aircraft is constantly evolving. We are certified TCCA.35-12 ; EAS 145.7342 ; ISO AS9120

    How does it work?

    • Explore our catalog and submit a quotation request today!


    • Extensive Parts Range: Optima Aero offers a wide array of spare parts, meeting specific needs and reducing operational disruptions:
      B212/B412: PT6T-3, PT6T-3B, PT6T-3DF
      AW109: PW206
      AW139: PT6C-67C, PT6B-36, PT6B-37
      EC135: PW200 series PT6B-36 and PT6B-37A

    • Certified Quality: Optima Aero’s catalog includes certified, high-quality spare parts, ensuring immediate availability and addressing operational needs.

    • Real-time Updates: The online catalog is continuously updated in real-time, providing the latest part availability information.

    • User-Friendly Inventory: The intuitive online catalog features advanced search and filters for efficient part selection.

    • Effortless Quotes: A simple one-click quote request feature provides quick pricing and availability information, aiding purchasing decisions.

  • We are committed to delivering best-in-class MRO services for Bell dynamic components and Helicopter maintenance, covering a wide range of models, including Bell, Airbus, Leonardo, and MD Helicopters. Let us take care of your fleet!


    • Top notch facility located in North America (Grand Prairie, Texas, USA), directly at the Grand Prairie Municipal Airport.

    • Extensive capabilities list and comprehensive field services offered.

    • Our operations are powered by a team of skilled and technical experts.

    Component overhauls capabilities

    • Airframe : 4 Major OEM’s
      Bell ; Airbus ; Leonardo ; MD Helicopters

    • Powerplant
      Inspection only: Rolls-Royce (Allison); Turbomeca; Lycoming; Allied Signal; General Electric; Pratt & Whitney Canada

    • Blades

    • Avionics
      Transponders; Altimeters; Radios; Radio Ratings.

    • Fuel Nozzles
      Pratt & Whitney Expertise; Team of experts in Beloeil (Québec, Canada).

  • Optima Aero offers a comprehensive solution for inventory management through parts consignment, catering to operators aiming to streamline operations and reduce maintenance costs. Our efficient approach enhances part availability, improves cash flow, and optimizes stock management.

    How does it work?

    • Optima Aero takes charge of managing your parts within our warehouses, sparing you the complexities of stock management.

    • We ensure that necessary parts are always available when you need them.


    • Reduction in storage and parts management costs.

    • Enhanced availability of essential parts.

    • Cash flow optimization through an effective consignment model.

    • Allocation of resources to focus on core operations.

  • When your helicopter requires attention, time becomes a precious resource. Our global assistance is available year-round, 24/7, providing you with a swift and effective solution.

    How does it work?

    • No matter where you are, we’re here to assist you.

    • Contact us for immediate support 24/7 at (450) 467-6767.


    • Immediate support from a member of our expert team.

    • Reduced downtime for your aircraft, ensuring a quick return to flight operations.

  • Experience meticulous care for your fuel nozzles with Optima Aero. Our dual-certified servicing and 12-month warranty guarantee precision and performance.

    When it comes to Fuel Nozzles, Optima Aero’s technicians are meticulous at what they do.  All nozzles are serviced in accordance with OEM procedure and are supplied with a dual release certification (TCCA & EASA).  All nozzles come with a 12-month warranty from time of delivery of half the interval life.

    Give us a try, and contact us today if you need our services for a different engine.

    How does it work?

    • PT6B series

    • PT6C-67C

    • PT6T Series

    • PW200 Series

    • PT6A-21

    • PT6A-42

    • PT6A-67B


    • Fuel nozzle testing with Dual certification available.

    • Turn around time of 5 days max.

    • Extensive exchange pool available on all supported models.

    • Competitive pricing.

    • Customized programs available to support our customers’ operational needs.

  • Optima Aero’s ultimate solution for operators looking to create value for their company and their customers through increased liquidity, predictable cash flows and lower maintenance costs.

    How does it work?

    • Optima Aero buys your operating engines & helicopters at market value and leases them back to you over a period of five years.


    • Efficient capital utilization for operators.

    • Enhanced cash flow predictability.

    • Cost reduction through innovative approach.

    • Perfect complement to Optima Aero’s highly competitive PBH program.

  • How does it work?

    • Dual certification available (TCCA / EASA).

    • Quick Turnaround time (TAT).

    • Customizable workscope.

    • Extensive used part pool to minimize cost.

    • Bring fuel efficiency and performance back.


    • Optimize Fuel Consumption.

    • Maximize Engine Efficiency.

    • Enhance Engine Life Span.

    • Improve Reliability.

    • Reduce Wear and Tear of High-Cost Parts.

    • Cleaning with Limz products.

  • A large range of services:

    • Power Section Inspections and Repairs.

    • Gas Generator Repairs.

    • Accessory Gearbox Repairs.

    • Additional Services (On Condition Maintenance ; Service Bulletins ; AD compliance ; Pre-Purchase Inspections ; FOD repairs ; Troubleshooting and Borescope Inspections).

    • Engine Overhaul Management Service.

    Engines & Helicopters supported

    • PT6C-67C/67D/67E

      • Leonardo AW139
      • Dyncorp UH-1 Global Eagle
      • Airbus Helicopters H175
    • PW200

      • Airbus Helicopters
      • EC135P1
      • Airbus Helicopters H135
      • Bell 427
      • Bell 429
      • Leonardo A109 Grand
      • Leonardo A109E Power
      • Leonardo AW109 Nexus
      • MD Explorer 900
      • MD Explorer 902
    • PT6B-37A

      • Leonardo A119 Koala
    • PT6T-3D

      • Bell Model 412/SP/HP/EP
      • Bell CFUTTH CH-146 Griffon
      • Leonardo Helicopters AB412
    • PT6T-3/3B

      • Leonardo Helicopters AB212
      • Sikorksy S-58T
      • Bell Model 212
      • Bell Model 412/SP/HP/EP
      • Leonardo Helicopters AB412
    • PT6A-21

      • Beechcraft King Air C90A/B/SE
      • Turbine Air Bonanza
    • PT6A-41/42/42A

      • Beechcraft King Air 200/B200
      • Piper Cheyenne III/IIIA
      • Beechcraft C12F
      • Blackhawk XP42 King Air 200
      • Standard Aero King Air 200
      • Blackhawk VX
      • Cessna 208/208B Caravan Series
      • Piper Meridian M500/M600
    • PT6A-67B/P

      • Pilatus PC-12
      • Pilatus PC-12NG

Quality,  reliability,  and  compliance  at  the  heart  of  our  operations

Transport  Canada  TCCA.35-12

The TCCA.35-12 certification has been issued to us by Transport Canada, authorizing us to perform work on Canadian aircraft. It is recognized by the FAA of the United States, enabling international compliance for all our maintenance and repair operations.

EASA  145.7342

The EASA 145.7342 certification has been issued to us by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). It authorizes us to perform maintenance and repair work on aircraft in compliance with EASA’s aviation safety regulations, ensuring high standards of quality and safety.

ISO  AS  9120  standard

The AS 9120 standard is a quality management system specific to aerospace parts distributors. It establishes requirements to ensure traceability, regulatory compliance, and risk management in the aviation supply chain, ensuring the quality and safety of our parts delivered to customers. It has been awarded to us due to the quality of our operations.

Quality  insurance

At Optima Aero, we believe that quality is the cornerstone of our success and customer satisfaction. At every step of our process, from asset management to maintenance services, we implement rigorous practices to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards. Our teams of experts follow strict protocols for inspection, control and verification. It certifies that our services are impeccable and reliable. Quality insurance at Optima Aero translates to transparent management of activities, part traceability and comprehensive documentation. We strive to offer operational reliability and peace of mind for our clients. We stay dedicated to excellence and continuous improvement of our processes to remain a leader in the helicopter and engine asset management industry.

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