What  are  the  advantages  of  leasing  my  helicopter  engine  rather  than  buying  it?

There are three main advantages to leasing your helicopter engine over buying it.

First of all, leasing your helicopter engine avoids a large initial cash outlay, replacing it with lower monthly payments over a certain period of time. Additionally, with Optima Aero’s Sale & Leaseback solution for operating helicopter engines, we will buy your operating PW&C engine for fair market value, before leasing it back to you. This provides you with a major capital injection and allows you to generate revenue with the asset as usual, while improving overall cash flow.

Secondly, your financial ratios will improve since you won’t have a heavy asset sitting on your balance sheets. You’ll instead benefit from fiscal advantages as your lease payments are passed off as expenses.

Lastly, leasing the aircraft engine instead of buying it means that you are not taking any risk on the asset’s residual value. Thus, you won’t be impacted by the market prices. These advantages hold true whether you lease a single PW&C engine or a complete PT6T Twin Pac. For more information, take a look at our Sale & Leaseback service.