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The  role  of  parts  reuse  in  the  decarbonization  of  the  aerospace 

Worldwide, the conversation about climate change and sustainable development is gaining momentum. The aerospace sector currently contributes to 2.5% of global CO2 emissions (Our World in Data 2024), yet there remains a slow evolution of attitudes within the industry. While decarbonizing aviation fuel is essential for transition, it’s not the sole factor to consider. Achieving carbon neutrality also requires making prudent choices in procurement. Optima Aero offers clients a solution to contribute to the circular economy by giving a second life to parts that are costly to produce in various ways.

How  did  we  develop  calculator  to  encourage  sustainable  choices?

At Optima Aero, we believe that every player in the industry should contribute to the collective effort of reducing carbon footprint. That’s why we’ve developed a calculator that estimates the carbon emissions avoided by choosing a reused part over a new one. Using the same database, we’ve created two calculation models with different levels of precision. Both models utilize a life cycle analysis method called “Input-Output”. This method relies on EPA data specific to the aerospace sector to estimate emissions generated based on the selling price of parts. Thus, for a new engine part sold at a certain price, we can estimate the emissions produced throughout its supply chain.

The first calculator is generic and estimates emissions based on a standard part within a family of parts, with a specific weight. Its goal is to raise awareness in the industry about parts reuse and the importance of the circular economy. The second, more precise calculator, is used once a specific part has been purchased and its pre-purchase journey is known.
Once we know the emissions generated by the initial production, we can subtract the emissions generated during the revaluation process to estimate the total emissions avoided by purchasing a used part.

External  review  to  validate  our  approach

After designing our calculator internally, we sought external expertise to validate our approach and refine our tool. We had the privilege of benefiting from the guidance of a specialized Research Chair, which carefully examined our analysis. Through a rigorous process, we were able to develop a robust methodology, now recognized as scientifically reliable.

calculator  that  inspires  reflection  and  encourages  sustainable  choices:  obtaining  the  "Sustain  Aero  Certificate"

The second calculation mode offers increased precision by taking into account the specific characteristics of each part. Once the order is placed, we have detailed information about the family, the journey (reuse process intensity), and the weight of the part. This enhanced precision allows us to perform more reliable and comprehensive calculations than our initial estimation. As a result, at the end of each year, we award the Sustain Aero Certificate to our partners engaged in long-term collaborations and signed agreements, in recognition of their substantial contribution to the circular economy. This certificate is accompanied by a detailed report transparently presenting the total carbon emissions avoided during the year. This initiative aims to encourage our clients to persist in their sustainable choices while inspiring the entire industry to embrace a transition towards more environmentally friendly practices.