Anouk Laforest is an essential pillar within our team at Optima Aero. As CFO, she plays a central role in executing multiple projects aimed at driving the organization's growth and facilitating the seamless integration of new entities. With her perseverance and financial expertise, she ensures a prosperous future for our company while strengthening our sustainable positioning in the market.

Guided by perseverance and expertise, I strive to create a prosperous future for our company while meeting our commitments to financial sustainability.

Having been with Optima Aero since October 2022, she brings with her numerous years of experience in the finance domain. Her career started with remarkable achievements at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where she worked as a Director. She later joined Stingray, progressively holding key positions in the financial domain until she became Vice President of Finance.

With a strong academic background, including a role as a Lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke, Anouk possesses diversified expertise in finance, audit, and management. Anouk is firmly committed and directly involved in several organizations, including the “Ma place au Travail” association, where she recently became a board member. Her leadership and dedication continue to support the growth and success of Optima Aero.

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