Optima Aero represents the realization of an entrepreneurial dream driven by Toby Gauld. Convinced that we can leave a lasting legacy and inspire future generations to reach their potential, he founded Optima Aero in 2010 after holding progressively responsible positions at Pratt & Whitney Canada in the aftermarket.

The sky never limits our dreams of innovation and sustainability. By uniting our strengths with integrity and a win-win vision, we can transform the aviation industry and leave a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Passionate about innovation in processes and services, Toby Gauld made the bold decision to establish Optima Aero when he realized the potential for change in the aviation industry business model. Grounded in values of integrity, innovation, and win-win collaboration, he directed the company’s mission towards a significant transformation. By extending the economic life of aircraft while reducing their carbon footprint, Optima Aero is committed to a sustainable future. With his background in industrial engineering, Toby holds a Master’s degree from École Polytechnique de Montréal (2002), further reinforcing his innovative vision for the aviation industry.

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