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Optima Aero is your partner for Pratt & Whitney PT6T, PT6B, PW200 and Turbomeca Arriel 2 helicopter  engines, parts and Technical expertise. We offer a full service package: The best quality spare parts, innovative component exchange solutions and engine event management with guaranteed savings and quality. Our customers are both operators and MRO facilities around the world. Optima Aero offers tremendous experience to your organization through our seasoned team experts in the maintenance of helicopter gas turbine engines.

We are recognized by Transport Canada as approved distribution organization 35-12 under AWM 563 .

Optima Aero sets itself apart in the marketplace by providing the most innovative helicopter engine repair solutions, top quality helicopter engine parts and the best team in its field. We welcome the opportunity to prove to you that Optima Aero is motivated to win your business.

When you choose Optima Aero, return on your investment is assured. We guarantee the cost savings generated by our services will outweigh the cost of our service, that’s our commitment to you.

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“Optima Aero has made it possible to achieve real and sustained cost savings for our PT6T product line, and to do so very quickly.  In our assessment, they are the best-in-class supplier for used serviceable PT6 parts and repairable component exchanges.  They have secured our trust through consistent demonstration of customer responsiveness, commercial integrity, product expertise and self-driven monitoring of quality & delivery metrics.”

Timothy Blaskovich Director, Engine Shop


Great Slave Helicopters Ltd. (GSH)

“GSH would like to thank Toby and the Optima Aero team for their continued support. Your end product is a clear reflection of the vast engine and strategic knowledge possessed by your team, keep up the good work!”

Alfonso Garcia Purchasing Manager

Vector Helicopter Services

“Optima Aero has proven to be an outstanding partner who is responsive, customer dedicated and very adept at delivering creative cost sensitive solutions.  Our “win win” approach is solely focused on our customers’ requirements and ensures maximum satisfaction. Optima Aero sets itself apart in the marketplace by providing the most innovative solutions, top quality parts and one of the best teams in its field”.

Steve Walford Vice President


Canadian Helicopters Limited (CHL)

“Optima Aero – always there to help us stay in the air, providing creative solutions and support, so that we can go further…”

Wojtek Slupek Power Plant Systems Manager

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